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    Dog accessories - Various decoration accessories

    Dog accessories are products designed to improve the life, well-being and safety of our canine friends. There is a wide range of accessories for dogs, each with its own function and style.

    Types of dog accessories:

    Leash and collar: Leashes and collars are essential accessories to walk and control your dog safely. There are different styles of necklaces, including flat necklaces, choke collars, harnesses, and flea collars.

    Bowl and Water and Food Dispenser: Bowls and dispensers ensure your dog always has access to fresh water and food. Some dispensers are programmable for regular meals.

    Basket and cushion: The baskets and

    MAISONS DU MONDE -  - Dog Accessories

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    ... cushions offer your dog a comfortable place to rest. They are available in different styles, from wicker baskets to soft cushions.

    Dog toys: Dog toys help stimulate your dog’s physical and mental activity. There are many types of toys, including balls, chewing toys, interactive toys and plush toys.

    European manufacturers of dog accessories:

    Hunter (Germany): Hunter is a renowned German company that offers a wide range of dog accessories including leashes, collars, harnesses and toys.

    Julius-K9 (Hungary): Julius-K9 is a Hungarian brand known for its work harnesses and dog equipment, including K9 Power harnesses.

    Ruffwear (UK): Ruffwear is a British company specializing in outdoor dog accessories such as harnesses, backpacks and flotation vests.

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