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    Manicure scissors - Various bathroom items

    Manicure scissors are tools used to precisely cut the nails of the hands or feet. They can also be used to cut cuticles and small skins around the nail.

    Here are some known manufacturers of manicure scissors:

    Zwilling: a German company specializing in beauty and personal care products, including manicure scissors.

    Seki Edge: a Japanese company specialized in quality cutting tools, including manicure scissors.

    Tweezerman: an American company offering a full range of beauty tools, including manicure scissors.

    Kai: a Japanese company specializing in quality knives, kitchen tools and scissors, including manicure scissors.

    Rubis: a Swiss company specialized in high

    Pfeilring -  - Manicure Scissors

    Precisely rectified and coordinated cutting surfaces gently and accurately cut the cuticles to the ...

    Price upon request
    Credo -  - Manicure Scissors

    Scissors for skin, nails and suits for precise cuts and easy maintenance of your hands

    Price upon request
    Pfeilring -  - Manicure Scissors

    Perfectly rectified and coordinated curved cutting surfaces cut nails with precision without ...

    Price upon request
    ... quality beauty tools, including manicure scissors.

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