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    Glitter glue - Various decoration accessories

    "Glitter glue" is a product used to apply glitter to various media including fabric, paper, cardboard, wood, glass and many others. It is commonly used in decoration, crafts and even fashion to add a touch of shine and glamour to creative projects.

    Types of glitter glue: There are various glitter glue formulations including liquid glues, gel glues, spray glues, pen glues and tube glues. Each of these formulations can be adapted to specific projects depending on the texture and medium on which you want to apply the glitter.

    Common uses: Glitter glue is used in a variety of creative projects,

    ... including decorating objects, customizing clothing and accessories, creating greeting cards, carrying out artistic projects and creative hobbies, and even artistic makeup to add a touch of shine.

    European manufacturers:

    Edding (Germany): Edding is a German company that offers a range of marking products, including glitter adhesives.

    Pritt (Germany): Pritt is a German brand well known for its bonding products, including glues for crafts and decoration, which can be used for glitter.

    Scotch (Scotland): The Scotch brand, which belongs to 3M, offers bonding products, some of which are suitable for glitter application.

    Bostik (France): Bostik is a French company that manufactures various types of glues, including glitter glues for crafts and decoration.

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