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    Flat tile - Facades and roofs

    Flat tile is a traditional type of roof tile that is often used in areas where precipitation is low. It is usually made of terracotta or concrete and is made in rectangular or square shape with a flat surface.

    Flat tiles have been used for centuries and are popular for their rustic aesthetic. They are particularly suitable for historic or traditional buildings and are often associated with regional architecture.

    The advantages of flat tiles are their weather resistance, durability, aesthetics, lightness and ease of installation. They are also generally cheaper than slate tiles or channel tiles.

    However, the flat tile

    ROSER -  - Flat Tile

    ROSER Stone Wood Shake is an excellent stone-coated steel tile that allows you to find together the ...

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    ROSER -  - Flat Tile

    ROWOOD 016 is an excellent stone-coated steel tile that allows you to find together, quality and ...

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    Global Floor - globalroof dp - Flat Tile
    Global Floor
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    Polytuil France - stratos - Flat Tile
    Polytuil France

    1 element - Useful Length 1.23 ml - Useful Width 0.322 ml - Useful Area - 0.400 sqm - 2.5 elements/ ...

    Price upon request
    ... may be less suitable for areas with high precipitation or extreme weather conditions, as it is more likely to leak than other types of tiles. It may also require regular maintenance to avoid accumulations of dirt and foam on its flat surface.

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