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    Roofing slate - Facades and roofs

    Slate is a natural and durable roofing material, used for centuries in the construction of weather-resistant roofs. Roofing slate is often made from schist or phyllite, which are resistant and durable metamorphic rocks.

    Roofing slates are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be cut into square, rectangular or diamond slates. Roofing slates can also be available in a variety of colours, ranging from grey to black, blue and green.

    Roofing slates are popular for their durability, weather resistance and aesthetic appearance. They are also fire resistant and can help protect the home from fires. However, slate

    CEDRAL - artoit - Roofing Slate

    The diamond shape: With its rhombus shape, Artoit slate braves the elements with equal effectiveness ...

    Price upon request
    CEDRAL - artoit-- - Roofing Slate

    Price upon request
    ... roofs can be more expensive than traditional roofs, and the installation of a slate roof must be done by qualified professionals to ensure the safety and durability of the roof.

    Here are some European manufacturers of roofing slates:

    1. CUPA PIZARRAS (Spain) - Website:
    2. Eternit (Belgium) - Website:
    3. Rathscheck Schiefer (Germany) - Website:
    4. Cedral (Belgium) - Website:
    5. Tegola Canadese (Italy) - Website:

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