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    Glass tile - Facades and roofs

    A glass tile is a transparent construction material, often used to create glass surfaces or decorative elements in buildings. It is made by fusing glass at high temperatures and then forming it into tiles of different shapes and sizes.

    Glass tiles offer several advantages. First of all, they allow to maximize the natural light in a space by letting in the daylight while offering a certain privacy. They are also resistant to weather, UV and fire, making them suitable for use outdoors or in environments exposed to the elements.

    In terms of design, glass tiles offer a variety of options.

    Oceanside Glass & Tile - muse - Glass Tile
    Oceanside Glass & Tile

    3 déclinaisons

    Price upon request
    Oceanside Glass & Tile - tessera - Glass Tile
    Oceanside Glass & Tile
    Price upon request
    Oceanside Glass & Tile - harmonia - Glass Tile
    Oceanside Glass & Tile
    Price upon request
    ... They can be available in different glass shades, from transparent to opaque, allowing you to play with the desired brightness and privacy. In addition, they can be textured to create interesting visual effects or decorative motifs.

    Glass tiles are often used in architectural applications such as building facades, interior walls, partitions, ceilings and floors. They can also be used in swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where water resistance and ease of cleaning are important.

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