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    Fish kettle - Casseroles

    The fishmonger, also known as a fish pan, is a kitchen utensil designed specifically for cooking fish. 

    Materials: Fishmongers are usually made of stainless steel, copper or enamelled cast iron. Each material has specific advantages:

    Stainless steel: Stainless steel fishmongers are durable, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. They offer excellent heat distribution.
    Copper: Copper fishmongers are appreciated for their excellent thermal conductivity, which allows rapid and uniform heating.
    Enamelled cast iron: Enamelled cast iron fishmongers are ideal for slow and gentle cooking. The enamel provides a natural non-stick surface and facilitates cleaning.
    Shape: The fishmongers are long and flat,

    Dehillerin -  - Fish Kettle

    Extra-strong tinned copper dish, bronze frame, lid. Ideal for cooking whole fish in court-bouillon ...

    ... which allows to place the whole fish or fillets in order to maximize the surface of contact with heat. The elongated shape also makes it possible to evenly cook the fish without the need to turn it frequently.

    Lid: Some fishmongers come with a lid, while others are open. The lid can be useful for maintaining moisture and aromas, especially when cooking whole fish.

    Handles: Fishmongers are usually equipped with two side handles for easy transport. Handles can be stainless steel, cast iron or brass.

    European manufacturers:


    De Buyer 

    Le Creuset 

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