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    Tea towel - Various

    Paper towels are absorbent paper products used to clean spills, wipe surfaces and perform various cleaning tasks. It is designed to be disposable after use, providing a convenient solution to clean quickly and efficiently without having to use reusable fabrics.

    Features of the paper towel:

    Absorption: The paper towel is designed to be highly absorbent, allowing it to capture liquids, grease and debris during cleaning.

    Disposable: Unlike reusable cloths, the paper towel is intended for single use. Once used, it is usually thrown in the trash.

    Comfort: The paper towel is available in rolls or pre-cut sheets, making it easy

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    ... to tear to the desired size.

    Variety: There are different types and qualities of paper towels on the market, some being thicker and absorbent than others.

    Versatile use: The paper towel can be used to clean surfaces, wipe hands, absorb spills, and more.

    Some of the most well-known and well-known brands in the field of paper towel manufacturing are:

    Scott: Scott offers a variety of quality paper towels for both domestic and commercial use.

    Viva: Viva is a brand renowned for its soft and resistant paper towels, suitable for various cleaning tasks.

    Kleenex: Although better known for its handkerchiefs, the Kleenex brand also offers quality paper towels.

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