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    Patisserie Horn - Various

    A pastry horn, also called "pastry horn" or "pastry scraper", is a tool used in pastry to scrape, smooth and handle dough, cream and other ingredients effectively. This tool is often in the shape of a half-moon, with a curved end and a straight end, which makes it versatile for different tasks in the kitchen.

    Some European manufacturers of pastry accessories, including pastry cones:

    De Buyer (France): De Buyer offers a wide range of cooking and pastry utensils, including pastry horns, made in France.

    Matfer Bourgeat (France): This French brand offers high quality cooking and pastry equipment, including pastry

    MALLARD FERRIERE -  - Patisserie Horn

    Comb / Triangle horn to decorate comb to decorate triangular shape, each side has a groove of ...


    Pavoni (Italy): Pavoni is known for its professional pastry products and also offers pastry horns adapted to the needs of chefs and pastry chefs.

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