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    Bottle bag - Various

    The bottle bag is an essential travel accessory for lovers of wine, champagne and bottled drinks. Whether you’re on your way to a wine tasting, picnic or party, this bag offers a convenient and secure way to carry your favorite bottles. Thanks to its padded compartments and robust design, it protects the bottles from shock and vibration, ensuring they arrive at their destination safely.

    Practical Uses:

    Bottle Transport: Use the bag to safely carry bottles of wine, champagne, beer or other bottled beverages.

    Wine Tastings: It is ideal for cellar tours and wine tastings, where you can buy bottles to

    Amadeus - sac à bouteilles les vins - Bottle Bag

    Appearance: Main material - 100% cotton? Reason - Wines? Dimensions: Height (in cm) - 15.00? Length ...

    PULLTEX -  - Bottle Bag

    PVC bag ideal to carry 6 bottles of wine or champagne without breaking or bumping them.

    Les Toiles Du Soleil -  - Bottle Bag
    Les Toiles Du Soleil
    ... take away.

    Elegant Gift: Offer a bottle of wine as a gift in a bottle bag, which adds a touch of elegance to the presentation.

    Some renowned European manufacturers of bottle bags include:

    Wine Bouquet (Spain): Wine Bouquet is a Spanish company specialized in accessories for wine and bar products. They offer a range of elegant and functional bottle bags.

    EuroCave (France): EuroCave is a French company renowned for its wine cellars and storage accessories. They also make high quality bottle bags.

    Sigg (Switzerland): Sigg is a Swiss brand known for its quality products, including bottles and insulated bottle bags for the transport of beverages.

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