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    Vinometer - Various equipment

    A vinometer is a measuring instrument used to determine the alcohol content in liquids, especially in wine. It is commonly used in the wine industry to assess the alcohol quality and concentration of wines and spirits.

    Vinometer styles:

    Float vinometer: Float vinometer is one of the most common types. It consists of a graduated glass tube with a float that is placed in the liquid to be tested. The height at which the float floats in the liquid indicates the alcohol content.

    Density meter: Density meter is another type of wine meter that measures the density of the liquid. The

    ... density is influenced by the alcohol content, so that the density reading makes it possible to estimate the alcohol content.

    Electronic vinometer: Electronic vinometers use sensors to measure the alcohol content of the liquid. They are more accurate than traditional vinometers, but they are also more expensive.

    European manufacturers of wine meters:

    Al-Ambik (Germany): Al-Ambik is a German company specialized in the manufacture of accessories for the production of home spirits, including quality wine meters.

    Grifo Marchetti (Italy): Grifo Marchetti, based in Italy, offers a range of equipment for the production of wine and alcohol, including high-quality vinometers.

    Anton Paar (Austria): Anton Paar is an Austrian company renowned for its laboratory measuring instruments, including high-precision vinometers for wine industry professionals.

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