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    Chocolate fountain - Cooking preparation

    A chocolate fountain is a device designed to melt and circulate melted chocolate continuously, creating a flow of liquid chocolate that cascades down on several levels. It is a popular visual and taste attraction at events, parties, weddings and other special occasions.

    How a chocolate fountain works:

    Chocolate Melting: The process begins with melting solid chocolate. Most chocolate fountains are equipped with a tank where you place pieces of chocolate. Once lit, the device melts the chocolate at a constant temperature.

    Chocolate circulation: The melted chocolate is then sucked through a special pump and pushed towards the top of the

    MAISONS DU MONDE - fontaine à chocolat - Chocolate Fountain

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    SIMEO -  - Chocolate Fountain

    Who has never dreamed of a chocolate cascade? Simeo did it to the delight of young and old! The 360 ...

    Domodeco -  - Chocolate Fountain

    The chocolate fountain is perfect for your festive meals! The structure is entirely made of ...

    Tristar -  - Chocolate Fountain

    You'll enjoy this CF 1603 chocolate fountain from Tristar! Ideal for chocolate lovers! Opt for ...

    WHITE LABEL - service fondue à chocolat électrique - Chocolate Fountain
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    WISMER - fontaine à chocolat gm60 - Chocolate Fountain

    TECHNICAL FEATURES? Bowl diameter: 33cm? Total height 60cm . ? 2.5kg chocolate capacity? Power of ...

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    WHITE LABEL - service à fondue pour le chocolat en céramique ave - Chocolate Fountain
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    WISMER - fontaine à chocolat premier - Chocolate Fountain

    TECHNICAL FEATURES? New deep bowl for a perfect waterfall. ? Capacity: 0.9 Kg? For six people? 325 ...

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    Domo -  - Chocolate Fountain

    Electric fountain, table model Electrical training, no pumpAccessed stainless steelMy to use Classic ...

    TECHWOOD - fontaine à chocolat - Chocolate Fountain

    : - Dimensions: 41 cm high, 22 cm diameter ;- Suitable for all types of chocolate: black, white and ...

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    Rosenstein & Söhne -  - Chocolate Fountain
    Rosenstein & Söhne

    Feast your taste buds and eyes with this chocolate fountain, at a party or simply to treat yourself ...

    ... fountain.

    Chocolate Waterfall: Liquid chocolate cascades from the top of the fountain, forming a continuous waterfall that descends along the different levels of the fountain.

    Back to the tank: Once the chocolate reaches the bottom of the fountain, it returns to the tank through the pump to be heated and reused.

    Chocolate Fountain Features:

    Number of levels: Chocolate fountains can have different number of levels, usually from three to five, to create the cascade effect.

    Materials: Chocolate fountains are generally made of stainless steel for reasons of hygiene and durability.

    Size: Chocolate fountains can vary in size, from compact models for home use to larger models for professional events.

    Accessories: Some chocolate fountains come with accessories such as picks for dipping fruits, cookies, marshmallows or other foods into melted chocolate.

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