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    Egg separator - Cooking preparation

    An egg separator is a small kitchen tool designed to separate the egg white from the egg yolk. This separation is often necessary in many recipes, especially for the preparation of meringues, light pastries and other culinary preparations.

    Practical Use:

    Break the Egg: To begin, break an egg into a clean container. In general, it is best to break the egg in half and hold the separator over the container.

    Use the Separator: Place the separator opening above the egg yolk while holding the cone or cup above the egg white.

    Separate Parts: By slightly pressing the separator, the egg

    Chevalier Diffusion - séparateur jaune d'oeuf practical yolker - Egg Separator
    Chevalier Diffusion

    Appearance: Main material: Silicone Secondary materials: SAN Dimensions: Diameter (in cm): 6.50 ...

    9.90 € approx.
    Chevalier Diffusion - séparateur jaune d'oeuf à pince - Egg Separator
    Chevalier Diffusion

    Appearance: Main material: Inox Dimensions: Height (in cm): 4.00 Length (in cm): 8.50 Depth (in cm): ...

    8.90 € approx.

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    Chevalier Diffusion
    ... white will flow through the opening, leaving the egg yolk in the separator.

    Transfer the yolk: You can then transfer the egg yolk to another container if necessary.

    Some well-known European manufacturers in this area include:

    Rösle (Germany): Rösle is a German company renowned for its high-quality kitchen utensils, including egg separators.

    Joseph Joseph (UK): Joseph Joseph is a British brand known for its innovative design and functional kitchen products, including egg separators.

    Brabantia (Netherlands): Brabantia is a Dutch company that manufactures a wide range of kitchen items, including accessories for egg preparation, such as separators.

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