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    Glass washer - Around the sink

    A glass washer is a device specially designed to effectively clean and disinfect glasses in a professional environment, such as restaurants, bars, cafes and similar establishments. It is designed to save time and effort by automating the glass washing process, ensuring that they are clean, shiny and ready to be reused quickly.

    Advantages of using a glass washer:

    Time Saving: Glass washers automate the cleaning process, allowing staff to focus on other tasks.

    Hygiene and Disinfection: Glass washers ensure effective cleaning and disinfection, eliminating residues and potential bacteria.

    Glass Storage: Glass washers are designed to prevent breakage and scratches, which

    CASSELIN -  - Glass Washer

    Frame and wall Stainless steel AISI 18/10 - Stainless steel washing and rinsing arm - Safety contact ...

    ... extends the life of the glasses.

    Reduced Water and Energy Consumption: The optimized washing cycles of the glass washers allow an efficient use of water and energy.

    Presentation: The glasses come out of the washer clean, shiny and ready to use, improving the presentation of drinks.

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