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    Soothsayer's instrument - Religious ornaments

    A "diviner's object" or "divinatory object" is a tool used in the practice of divination, which aims to obtain information about the past, present or future. These objects are often associated with esoteric practices and are used by mediums, fortune-tellers or divination practitioners.

    Some examples of commonly used divination objects are

    1. Tarot: Tarot cards are used for card reading. Each card represents a specific symbol or meaning, and the interpretation of the cards can reveal information about a person's situation or future.

    2. Pendulum: A pendulum is an object suspended from a chain or wire. By holding it steady, the divination

    Galerie Alain Bovis - objet de devin baoulé - Soothsayer's Instrument
    Galerie Alain Bovis

    BAOULE SOOTHSAYER'S INSTRUMENT, IVORY COAST Wood with fine aged patina Height: 12.5 cm Presumed ...

    Price upon request
    ... practitioner observes the movements of the pendulum to obtain answers to the questions asked.

  • Runes: Runes are symbols engraved on stones or pieces of wood. They are thrown or arranged in a specific way and then interpreted to obtain indications of past, present or future events.

  • Crystal ball: A crystal ball is a transparent object used for divination. By looking through the ball, the practitioner concentrates to receive visions or intuitive information.

  • Caffeomancy: Caffeomancy involves reading the patterns left by coffee residue in a cup. The practitioner interprets the shapes and symbols to obtain information about the person's life.

  • Cartomancy: Cartomancy uses specific packs of cards, such as the 32-card deck or ordinary cards, to predict the future or answer specific questions.

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