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    Tabernacle - Religious ornaments

    A tabernacle is a liturgical piece of furniture used in the Christian tradition to store the Holy Eucharist, which consists of consecrated hosts used during the Mass. It is typically placed on or near the altar in Catholic and Orthodox churches.

    The tabernacle is often designed as a small cabinet or a closed box, often artistically decorated. It can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, stone, or a combination of them. Tabernacles are often adorned with sculptures, paintings, inlays, gilding, or other decorative elements that make them visually appealing.

    There are manufacturers specialized in crafting tabernacles in

    Galerie Charles Sakr - tabernacle gothique - Tabernacle
    Galerie Charles Sakr

    Gothic tabernacle in finely carved and gilded wood with an oil on panel depicting St George killing ...

    Price upon request
    ... different countries. Here are some examples of manufacturers or suppliers with websites:

    1. F.C. Ziegler Company (United States):
    2. Leo A. Narducci Ecclesiastical Art Studios (United States):
    3. Gasper Liturgical Art (United States):
    4. Gammarelli (Italy):
    5. Granda Liturgical Arts (Spain):
    6. Slabbinck (Belgium):

    These manufacturers offer a variety of tabernacle models, ranging from traditional to contemporary, and often provide customization options to meet the specific needs of churches and parishes.

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