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    Oil machine - Various equipment

    Oil machines, also known as oil presses, are equipment designed to extract oil from various oilseed raw materials, such as sunflower seeds, nuts, olives, flax seeds, and many others. These machines are used in the process of producing vegetable oils for food consumption, cosmetics industry and other applications.

    Different styles of oil machines:

    Manual oil presses: These presses are designed for domestic or artisanal use. They are usually compact and require manual intervention to extract the oil.
    Hydraulic oil presses: Hydraulic presses use hydraulic pressure to extract oil from raw materials. They are often used for larger quantities than manual

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    ... presses.
    Solvent Extraction Machines: These machines use solvents such as hexane to extract oil from oilseed raw materials. They are commonly used in industrial installations.
    Renowned European oil machinery manufacturers:

    Alfa Laval 

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