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    Lustling glove - Maintenance products

    A glossy glove is an accessory used to polish and shine different surfaces, such as furniture, cars, metal or wooden objects, footwear, etc. It is made from materials specially designed to improve the shine and appearance of surfaces, while eliminating fingerprints, light scratches and marks of use.

    Glossy gloves are generally soft, non-abrasive and made with high quality materials to avoid scratching or damaging delicate surfaces. They can be made of microfiber, cotton fabric or other special materials, which are chosen for their ability to capture dust and polish without leaving traces.

    Here are some examples of European leading manufacturers

    Laco -  - Lustling Glove

    For the luster of your furniture. The Glove dusts and luster at the same time. This glove dusts and ...

    ... in this field:

    Leather Honey (United Kingdom): Although Leather Honey is mainly known for its leather care products, they also offer microfiber glossy gloves for other surfaces.

    Turtle Wax (UK): Turtle Wax is a well-known British brand for its automotive cleaning and polishing products, including shiny gloves specially designed for cars.

    Swissvax (Switzerland): Swissvax is a Swiss manufacturer of high-end products for car maintenance, including high-quality glossy gloves.

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