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    Pastry brush - Cooking utensils

    A kitchen brush is an essential tool used to apply liquids, sauces, oil, melted butter or other ingredients to food during cooking, baking or preparation. These brushes are designed to be heat resistant and easy to clean.

    Here's an overview of the different styles, materials and styles of kitchen brushes:

    1. Bristle materials :

    Silicone: Silicone brushes are heat resistant and easy to clean. They're perfect for applying liquids to hot surfaces, such as grilling or baking.

    Natural bristles: Natural bristle brushes, such as hog hair, nylon or silk, are valued for their ability to absorb and distribute liquids evenly.

    Le Creuset - pro - Pastry Brush
    Le Creuset

    Inspired by the artist's brush for great precision. Conical hairs slowly allowing liquids to slide ...

    IRIS HANTVERK - patîsserie - Pastry Brush

    Pastry brush in birch and horse hair. Part of a series with the dough scraper and baker brush.

    T&G Woodware - £1.99 - Pastry Brush
    T&G Woodware

    Pastry brush

    WHITE LABEL - pinceau à pâtisserie avec réservoir et support en  - Pastry Brush

    2 déclinaisons

    Price upon request
    MALLARD FERRIERE -  - Pastry Brush

    Pastry decoration brushesLot of 6 pastry brushes to make decoration on your cakes and cake design. ...

    12 € approx.
    MALLARD FERRIERE -  - Pastry Brush

    High temperature brush - HACCP handle - 230 degrees Celsius This high-temperature brush will allow ...

    6 € approx.
    MALLARD FERRIERE -  - Pastry Brush

    Best choice of silk brushes - HACCP handle - 120oC on ProCouteaux.comThis natural silk brush and ...

    5 € approx.
    MALLARD FERRIERE -  - Pastry Brush

    Best choice: Very high temperature silicone brush, 300 degrees on! This silicone ...

    4.70 € approx.
    WHITE LABEL - pinceau boule en silicone avec réservoir - Pastry Brush

    4 déclinaisons

    Price upon request
    WHITE LABEL - 2 pinceaux pour la cuisine - Pastry Brush
    Price upon request
    ... They are often used to apply melted butter, sauces and glazes.

    2. Styles of kitchen brushes :

    Standard kitchen brush: This is the classic kitchen brush with a flattened or tapered brush head and silicone or natural bristles. It is versatile and can be used for a variety of kitchen tasks, from applying liquids to meat to glazing pastries.

    Long-handled kitchen brush: These brushes have a longer handle, making them ideal for reaching hard-to-reach areas, such as the bottom of saucepans or brushing large pieces of meat on the grill.

    Kitchen brushes with removable heads: Some brushes have removable heads, making them easier to clean and replace. This can be handy for preventing the transfer of odours or flavours between preparations.

    Kitchen brush with reservoir: These brushes have a silicone brush head with an integrated reservoir for storing sauce or liquid, allowing for a more precise and even application.

    Some manufacturers:

    WMF (Germany): WMF is a renowned German kitchenware company. They produce a variety of kitchen accessories, including high-quality kitchen brushes.

    Zwilling (Germany): Zwilling is another well-established German company in the field of kitchen knives and kitchen utensils. They also offer high-quality kitchen brushes.

    Rosle (Germany): Rosle is a German manufacturer specialising in top-of-the-range kitchen utensils. They make kitchen brushes as part of their range of accessories. 

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