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    Meat holder - Cooking utensils

    A roasting tong, sometimes called a meat tong or roasting tong, is a kitchen utensil designed to sear and handle pieces of meat, especially roasts or poultry, during cooking, cutting and serving. These pliers are generally robust and heat resistant, making them ideal for handling large pieces of hot meat while maintaining a firm grip.

    Renowned European manufacturers of roasting tongs:

    WMF (Germany): WMF is a renowned German company in the field of kitchen utensils, and it offers a range of high-quality kitchen accessories, including roasting tongs.

    Zwilling (Germany): Zwilling is a German manufacturer renowned for its premium knives and

    Cuisipro -  - Meat Holder

    $23.50, Metal teeth securely grip all types of food, Heat resistant to 425F/220C, ...

    Lacor -  - Meat Holder

    Stainless roti pinch - Ideal for holding roast and cutting regular slices

    MIYAKO Couteaux - -yoko pince - Meat Holder
    MIYAKO Couteaux

    Yoko Pince - 31.5cm This Japanese Yoko Pinch will serve you to easily handle the smallest condiments ...

    Lacor - grill - Meat Holder

    Nylon grill pinch that can be used to flip food or serve. Its width makes it easier to work. ...

    Lacor - à grill - Meat Holder

    Nylon Grill Pinch can be used to flip food or serve. Its width makes it easier to work. Equipped ...

    KITCHEN INNOVATIONS -  - Meat Holder

    The perfect cooks tong, having a super grip head and locking handle mechanism, Heat resistant to 482 ...

    Price upon request
    ... kitchen utensils, including roasting tongs.

    Fiskars (Finland): Fiskars, a well-established Finnish brand, also makes quality roasting tongs to facilitate meat handling.

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