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    tomato drainer - Cooking utensils

    A tomato sink, also called a "tomato vacuum" or "tomato sink", is a small cooking tool specially designed to easily and cleanly remove the inner parts of tomatoes, such as seeds and heart, while preserving the flesh of the tomato. This makes it possible to prepare tomatoes for various recipes without having to cut them into pieces.

    The following is a general procedure for a tomato sink:

    Tomato preparation: Insert the pointed end of the tomato sink into the top of the tomato, where the stem is.

    Rotation and extraction: Gently turn the sink inside the tomato while applying a

    Triangle -  - Tomato Drainer

    Remove the stalk from your tomato and hollow out there with this extremely practical little utensil! ...

    Triangle -  - Tomato Drainer

    Un piccolo e maneggevole utensile per facilitare la cottura nella vita di tutti i giorni, ...

    ... slight downward pressure. This removes the heart and seeds of the tomato in a single operation.

    Result: You get a hollowed out tomato with a clean cavity and ready to be stuffed or used in your recipes.

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