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    Steel wool - Maintenance products

    Iron straw, also known as steel wool, is an abrasive material used for cleaning, polishing and sanding different surfaces. It is made from fine metal fibers, usually steel, which are agglomerated to form pads or rolls of iron straw.

    Some examples of reputable European manufacturers of iron straw include:

    3M (USA/Europe): Although 3M is an American company, it has a significant presence in Europe and is known for its abrasive products, including iron straw, which is used in various industries and applications.

    Vileda (Germany): Vileda is a well-known German brand for its cleaning and housekeeping products, including stainless steel and


    The high-quality steel fibres that make up the steel straw guarantee maximum efficiency and respect ...

    Price upon request
    ... iron straw cleaning products.

    Bomix (France): Bomix is a French brand specialized in DIY and renovation products, including iron straw for polishing and cleaning projects.

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