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    Pastry roller - Cooking preparation

    "Pie balls", also called "baking weights" or "pie weights", are small ceramic or stainless steel balls used when baking a pie dough blank. Baking consists of baking the pie dough without filling to obtain a crispy and golden base that will serve as a support for various preparations.

    Here’s how pie balls work and how to use them:

    Preparation of the dough: After spreading the dough in the pie mold, it is recommended to prick the surface of the dough with a fork to prevent it from swelling during cooking.

    Adding Pie Balls: Once the dough is pricked, the pie

    ... balls are placed on top of the dough, forming a weighted layer that prevents the dough from swelling or forming air bubbles during cooking.

    Baking: The dough is then baked for a short time, usually with the pie balls, at a specific temperature and duration indicated in the recipe. The presence of the pie balls makes it possible to obtain an evenly cooked and slightly golden dough.

    Removing the Balls: Once the pie dough has slightly cooked, the pie balls are carefully removed from the mold, leaving the dough partially cooked and ready to be filled according to the recipe.

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