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    Scented dishwashing liquid - Around the sink

    Scented dishwashing liquid is a cleaning product specially designed for washing dishes, cutlery, kitchen utensils and other similar items. It contains detergent agents and ingredients that help remove residues of fat, food and other dirt, leaving the dishes clean, shiny and freshly scented.


    Detergent Agents: The scented dishwashing liquid contains detergent agents that act to dissolve grease and food residues stuck to the dishes.

    Pleasant Fragrances: It is formulated with pleasant fragrances that leave a fresh aroma on the dishes after washing. Fragrances vary according to brands and product types.

    Tableware Compatibility: Dishwashing liquid is generally designed to be

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    ... safe to use on various types of tableware including porcelain, glass, stainless steel and plastic.

    Gentle Hand Formulation: Many dishwashing liquids also contain ingredients that help prevent skin from drying out during use.

    European Manufacturers of Scented Dishwashing Liquid:

    Ecover: A Belgian brand renowned for its environmentally friendly cleaning products, including scented dishwashing liquid.

    Frosch: A German brand offering a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products, including scented dishwashing liquids.

    Maison Verte: This French brand focuses on ecological cleaning products and also offers scented dishwashing liquids.

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