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    Sink organizer - Around the sink

    A sink organizer is an accessory designed to help organize and optimize the space around the kitchen sink. This accessory is designed to store washing utensils, sponges, brushes and other commonly used items when cleaning and preparing food. It aims to maintain order, reduce clutter and maximize the use of space around the sink.

    Features and Use of a Sink Organizer:

    Compartments and Utensils Holders: Sink organizers are equipped with compartments, utensils holders and holders specifically designed to accommodate objects such as sponges, brushes, soaps, detergents and even tea towels.

    Drainage: Many models are designed with drains or slots that

    ... allow water to drain, avoiding water stagnation and moisture problems.

    Water Resistant Materials: Sink organizers are usually made from water resistant materials such as plastic, stainless steel or silicone.

    Suction Cups or Hooks: Some models can be equipped with suction cups or hooks to attach the organizer to the wall of the sink, saving space on the worktop.

    Versatile Storage: Sink organizers are designed to store various items, helping to keep the space clean and tidy.

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