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    Konstantin Slawinski
    Industriestraße 17a
    T. +49 (0)271-809 2784-0
    F. +49 221 28 55 39 09
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    Produits disponibles chez : Sentou, Bon Marché, 107 Rivoli, AZAG, Patch World, Conran Shop etc.

    Konstantin Slawinski

    Activité : Manufacturer
    Thank you very much for your interest in Konstantin Slawinski | housewarming objects. Since the launch of our company in 2003 we are pleased to note the increase of positive feedback from our friends of the housewarming objects within the world of design. Slawinski ' the origin of the company Konstantin Slawinski ' was established in 1914. Manufacturing high quality heads and custom pressed units for machinery, containers, and industrial installations Slawinski has gained profound experience in the technology and production methods of cold working. Konstantin Slawinski transferred this expertise into the range of design products by introducing the know-how of Slawinski into modern lifestyle accessories. In spring 2003, Konstantin Slawinski commenced its assortment with two stainless steel bowls rendering their beauty through simplicity: SL1 which can be produced with a diameter from 38 centimeters to 5 meters with no restriction and SL2 with an inlay made of different materials such as glass, wood, or corian®. Since the successful premier of the bowls at Ambiente 2003 in Frankfurt, Konstantin Slawinski launched several competitions by inviting selected designers. Following products resulted from these competitions in cooperation with various designers: SL3 MENAGE A TROIS | tea pot warmer [Adam + Harborth, Berlin, Germany] SL4 ALIACTA | vase [Adam + Harborth, Berlin, Germany] SL5 PERLE | trivet [Adam + Harborth, Berlin, Germany] SL6 CANDLE LIGHT DINNER CANDLE | candle [Adam + Harborth, Berlin, Germany] SL7 THROWZINI | knife block [Adam + Harborth, Berlin, Germany] SL8 CLOTE | key board [Adam + Harborth, Berlin, Germany] SL9 XYZ | candle holder [Adam + Harborth, Berlin, Germany] SL10 HIKHAK | cutting board [Adam + Harborth, Berlin, Germany] SL11 EINS...ZWEI...DREI...VIER | candle holder [Hannes Weber |, Munich, Germany] SL12 CHARGE-BOX | cable box [ding3000, Hannover, Germany] SL14 S-XL CAKE | baking form [ding3000, Hannover, Germany] SL15 S-XL CAKE SMALL | baking form [ding3000, Hannover, Germany] SL16 NOOOODLE | spaghetti measure + trivet [ding3000, Hannover, Germany] NEW! SL18 INANDOUT | trivet [ding3000, Hannover] NEW! SL19 J | wardrobe-pinboard [Olze & Wilkens, Berlin] NEW! SL2010 ALLYEARLONG | Wandkalender [Olze & Wilkens, Berlin]
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