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    Skewer - Cooking utensils

    A skewer spade, also known as a skewer or barbecue spade, is a kitchen utensil widely used to prepare and cook food in the form of skewers. These utensils are specially designed to put on and maintain different types of ingredients, such as meat, vegetables and fruits, before grilling, barbecuing or roasting.

    Characteristics of skewers:

    Skewer Pick Materials:

    Bamboo: Bamboo skewers are economical and disposable, making them ideal for outdoor events and occasional grilling. They are usually sold in packages and are discarded after use.

    Stainless Steel: Stainless steel skewers are durable, reusable and heat resistant. They are ideal for

    Thouy -  - Skewer

    Pack of 250 These disposable bamboo skewer spikes are very practical for making mini skewers as an ...

    ... regular use and can be washed in the dishwasher.

    Wood: Wooden skewers are reusable, but require more delicate maintenance than stainless steel. They add a rustic touch to the presentation of skewers.

    Skewer Spike Styles:

    Straight spikes, double-pointed spikes or twisted spikes...

    Renowned European manufacturers of skewers:

    Silit (Germany): Silit is a German manufacturer known for its kitchen utensils, including stainless steel skewers.

    Weber (Germany): Weber is well known for its barbecue products, including accessories such as skewers.

    BergHOFF (Belgium): BergHOFF offers a variety of kitchen utensils, including stainless steel and wooden skewers.

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