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    Ice shovel - Cooking utensils

    An ice shovel is a small kitchen utensil used to sear and transfer ice cubes from one container to another, such as an ice cube tray to a glass or ice bucket. It is designed to facilitate ice serving without having to use hands directly.

    Here are some of the European brands known for their quality products in this area:

    WMF: A German company renowned for its kitchen products and stainless steel utensils. WMF offers a range of accessories, including ice shovels.

    Alessi: This Italian brand is famous for its contemporary design and high-end kitchen items. They make service accessories,

    NISBETS -  - Ice Shovel

    Stainless steel 203 mm.

    Price upon request
    ... including ice shovels, with a distinctive artistic touch.

    Paderno: A well-established Italian brand in the field of kitchen utensils and tableware. They offer a variety of utensils, including ice shovels.

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