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    Apple corer - Cutting and Peeling

    An apple vacuum, also known as an apple sink, is a kitchen utensil designed to easily remove the core and seeds of apples and other stone fruits, while maintaining the shape and integrity of the fruit.

    Here is a description of common styles and some renowned European manufacturers:

    Manual apple dumps: Manual apple dumps are usually made of an ergonomic plastic or stainless steel handle and a metal rod with a small circular blade. By inserting the blade into the apple and turning, you can easily remove the heart and seeds in a single gesture.

    European manufacturers of manual vacuum

    FIssLER - magic - Apple Corer

    This handy apple vacuum makes it easy to remove the hearts of apples and pears.

    Price upon request
    Cuisipro -  - Apple Corer

    The Cuisipro Apple Corer is a simple tool that removes and disposes of the apple core, seeds and ...

    Triangle -  - Apple Corer

    The apple vacuum you're looking for is on! With its long cylindrical stem that is ...

    Triangle -  - Apple Corer

    ... cleaners: Westmark (Germany), Gefu (Germany).
    Stainless Steel Apple Tray: Stainless steel apple trays are durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean. They are often equipped with sharp blades to effectively remove the heart of the fruit.

    European manufacturers of stainless steel vacuum cleaners: Rösle (Germany), Metaltex (Italy).
    Apple vacuum with crank: The apple vacuum with crank are equipped with a rotating handle that actuates the blade to remove the heart of the fruits. They offer a more ergonomic use and can be more effective for large amounts of fruit.

    European manufacturers of hand cranked apple dumps: Victorinox (Switzerland), Ibili (Spain).
    Electric vacuum cleaner: Electric vacuum cleaners are battery or mains powered. They are especially convenient for preparations in large quantities, because they quickly remove the hearts of fruits without manual effort.

    European manufacturers of electric vacuum cleaners: Bamix (Switzerland), KitchenAid (Italy).

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