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    Bread cutter - Cutting and Peeling

    Bread Guillotine: The Art of Slicing with Precision:

    Imagine cutting your fresh bread with a precision worthy of a chef. Discover the bread guillotine, a culinary tool that makes the act of slicing bread into an easy and elegant experience. Immerse yourself in the world of bread cutting and explore how this clever accessory allows you to cut uniform slices with disconcerting ease.

    Discover how the bread guillotine combines aesthetics and functionality to turn your bread into a work of art in the bakery. Thanks to its ingenious design, this tool not only facilitates cutting, but also adds a touch

    Tellier Gobel - coupe-pain de cuisine en acier et hêtre - Bread Cutter
    Tellier Gobel

    To have in all good kitchens, the Tellier bread cut is convenient and will save you time. Indeed the ...

    55.92 € approx.
    ROGER ORFEVRE -  - Bread Cutter

    Stainless 25 cm Stainless Beech Bread cutter Dimensions:- 310 x 190 x 20 mm Artisanal manufacturing. ...

    Price upon request
    ROGER ORFEVRE -  - Bread Cutter

    Dimensions: - 310 x 190 x 20 mm Craft manufacturing. Product Made in France.

    ... of sophistication to your table, turning every meal into an unforgettable visual and taste experience.

    European manufacturers of bread guillotines:

    Rösle: Renowned for its high-end kitchen products, the German brand Rösle offers bread guillotines that combine functionality and elegant design.

    Börner: Originally from Europe, Börner offers high-quality bread guillotines, designed for precise and fast cutting.

    Leifheit: Specializing in household items, this brand offers ergonomic bread guillotines to facilitate the cutting of your daily bread.

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