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    Vegetable knife - Cutting and Peeling

    Vegetable knife is a type of knife with a short and thin blade that is designed to cut, peel and cut vegetables and fruits. The blade of the vegetable knife is generally straight, which allows you to cut the vegetables accurately and remove unwanted parts without losing too much flesh.

    Vegetable knives are available in a variety of sizes, but the most common have a blade about 7-10 cm in length. They are especially useful for working with small vegetables, such as mushrooms, carrots, potatoes and onions.

    EVERCUT - maestro - Vegetable Knife

    Paring knife - 9cm Maestro Evercut – Made In France A Made In France high-end blade Made ...

    Price upon request
    MIYABI -  - Vegetable Knife

    Miyabi's nakiri at the best price on! Japanese Excellence. Knife NAKIRI blade 17 cm ...

    229 € approx.
    MIYABI -  - Vegetable Knife

    Japanese Nakiri knife at the best price on! Unrivalled sharpness. The Nakiri knife ...

    164 € approx.
    SENZO SUNCRAFT -  - Vegetable Knife

    This Suncraft Senzo blade 7 cm (SZ 11) bird's beak knife is used to turn fruits and vegetables. 33- ...

    104 € approx.
    KAI -  - Vegetable Knife

    Buy the Japanese Nakiri Knife from the Kaï Wasabi Black range;The Nakiri (6716N) is the typical ...

    Sanelli -  - Vegetable Knife

    Knife Chef Sharp and honeycombed sharp knife, to cut and chop greenery and fruit and prevent them ...


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