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    Flexible mould - Moulds

    Soft molds, also called silicone molds, are very versatile and popular kitchen utensils. They are made from food grade silicone, a flexible non-stick material that allows easy use for cooking and preparing various dishes.

    Common styles of soft silicone molds: Common styles of soft silicone molds include:

    Muffin and cupcake moulds: These moulds are designed for baking individual cupcakes, muffins and cupcakes.

    Cake Molds: Silicone cake molds allow you to prepare cakes of different shapes and sizes, including round, square or heart shaped cakes.

    Baking molds: Silicone baking molds are suitable for the preparation of pies, quiches and other

    Silikomart -  - Flexible Mould
    Price upon request
    MALLARD FERRIERE -  - Flexible Mould

    Uniflex Flexible Mould - 22 cm Reference: MS22 Type: Temperature: 60C to 230C This flexible uniflex ...

    11 € approx.
    Chevalier Diffusion -  - Flexible Mould
    Chevalier Diffusion

    Beautiful innovative pastry cutters to light up the holidays!

    Price upon request

    Ice molds: Silicone ice molds are flexible, making it easy to remove ice from various shapes.

    Chocolate and candy moulds: These moulds are designed to create chocolates and candies in the shape of various objects.

    European manufacturers of soft silicone molds: Many European manufacturers produce high quality silicone molds. Some of the most renowned brands include:

    Silikomart (Italy): Silikomart is an Italian company renowned for its high-quality silicone molds, available in a wide variety of styles and shapes for pastry and cooking.

    Lékué (Spain): Lékué is a Spanish brand that offers a range of innovative silicone molds, suitable for use in the oven, microwave and freezer.

    Pavoni (Italy): Pavoni is an Italian manufacturer specializing in silicone moulds for pastry and chocolate making, with a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

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