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    Garlic grater - Cutting and Peeling

    Garlic Scraper: Simplify Preparation with Style:

    Imagine a kitchen without the hassle of peeling garlic. Here is the garlic scraper, a simple and ingenious tool that turns the preparation of garlic into a quick and effortless task. Discover how this clever accessory saves you time and energy, while adding the characteristic flavor of garlic to your favorite dishes.

    Dive into the world of garlic scraper and explore how it works, scraping garlic cloves to turn them into a ready-made texture. From fine chopping to the preparation of marinades and sauces, garlic scraper becomes an indispensable ally in your kitchen.


    ... manufacturers of garlic scrapers:

    Rösle: This German brand is famous for its high-end kitchen utensils. It offers quality garlic scrapers with an elegant and functional design.

    OXO Good Grips: A European brand specializing in ergonomic kitchen utensils, OXO also offers practical and comfortable garlic scrapers to use.

    Leifheit: Originally from Europe, Leifheit offers a variety of kitchen utensils and household items, including garlic scrapers to facilitate the preparation of garlic.

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