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    Cannele pan - Moulds

    A fluted mould is a kitchen utensil specially designed for the preparation of cannelés, a traditional Bordeaux pastry. Cannelés are small cakes with a soft texture inside and crispy outside, characterized by their fluted cylindrical shape. The fluted mould is essential to give these cakes their distinctive appearance. Some features of a typical fluted mould are:

    Cylindrical shape with grooves: The fluted molds have a cylindrical shape, usually small in size, with grooves (grooves) on the outer walls.

    Material: Traditional fluted molds are made of tinned copper, which allows excellent thermal conductivity to obtain the typical caramelized and crispy crust

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    We manufacture fluted molds in 3 sizes, using raw materials such as copper, non-stick aluminum and ...

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    ... of fluted. However, silicone or non-stick steel molds are also available for more convenient use.

    Maintenance: Tinned copper molds require special maintenance, including regular tinning to prevent corrosion. Silicone or non-stick steel molds are easier to maintain and clean.

    Use: To prepare cannelés, you usually have to butter and flour the molds (unless they are silicone or non-stick steel), then pour the fluted dough into the molds. The cannelés are cooked at high temperatures to create a crispy crust, followed by softer cooking to cook the inside so as to obtain a soft texture.

    Cannelés are a regional specialty of Bordeaux, France, but they are also appreciated in other parts of the world. The fluted mold is essential to prepare these delicious cupcakes and get their characteristic texture and appearance.

    Manufacturers: Mauviel, De Buyer, Matfer, Demarle...

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