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    Kitchen torch - Various kitchen and cooking items

    A kitchen torch is a small device that generates a controlled flame to caramelize, grill or give a golden finish to various dishes, especially desserts such as crème brûlées and meringues.

    Kitchen torches are versatile and can also be used to defrost, gratin, or give a final touch to savory dishes.

    Gas torch:

    Gas torches are the most common and work with butane gas.
    They are compact, portable and easy to use thanks to their on/off trigger.
    They are ideal for precise caramelization of crème brûlées and other desserts.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Several European manufacturers produce high quality gas torches

    IBILI -  - Kitchen Torch

    gourmet kitchen torch clasica length 19 cm. capacity 0.028 liter of refillable gas with briquetlez ...

    26.90 € approx.
    WHITE LABEL - chalumeau crème brûlée avec 4 ramequins - Kitchen Torch
    Price upon request
    ... including Sage Appliances (UK), Iwatani (UK), and Mastrad (France).
    Hot air torch:

    Hot air torches work by generating a hot flame without an open flame, making them safer for home use.
    They are perfect for applications such as thawing, grating and browning.
    Some models are equipped with different nozzles to adjust the flame temperature.
    Renowned European manufacturers: WMF (Germany) offers quality hot air torches.
    Electric torch:

    Electric torches use a heating resistor to generate heat, which eliminates the need for gas.
    They are rechargeable and offer a flame-free alternative to gas torches.
    They are often equipped with temperature controls for a perfect caramel.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Bosch (Germany) offers quality electric torches.

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