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    Copper jam pan - Various kitchen and cooking items

    A jam basin or sugar basin, is an essential kitchen utensil for the preparation of jams, jellies and other sweet preparations. It is usually made of copper or stainless steel, and its flared shape promotes water evaporation and even cooking of fruit and sugar.

    Copper jam bowl:

    Copper jam bowls are the most traditional and are appreciated for their excellent thermal conductivity.
    Copper allows a uniform distribution of heat, which is essential to prevent the jam from burning.
    Copper basins are usually coated inside a thin layer of tin to avoid any chemical reaction with acidic ingredients.
    Renowned European manufacturers:

    Mauviel - m'passion - Copper Jam Pan

    M'passion Jam basin in hammered copper - bronze mounts - Ø 36 cm 

    KILNER -  - Copper Jam Pan

    Enamelled steel jam basin with a capacity of 8 liters, compatible with all fires including induction ...

    Stellinox -  - Copper Jam Pan

    Stainless conical basin with two handles, jam basin typeVolume: 12.80 L. Diameter 36 cm, height 18.5 ...

    95.52 € approx.

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    Les Specialistes

    Mauviel Baumalu Vaello KILNER Stellinox L'atelier du cuivre
    Baumalu -  - Copper Jam Pan

    All fires except professional quality solid copper induction, range! A product that combines ancient ...

    Price upon request
    Vaello -  - Copper Jam Pan

    Vaello Campos mineral steel basins for cooking jam, compotes, marmalade, large poultry, stews, etc . ...

    Price upon request
    L'atelier du cuivre -  - Copper Jam Pan
    L'atelier du cuivre

    Traditional and famous, the copper basin is perfect for gently cooking all your homemade jams. ...

    ... Mauviel (France) and Matfer Bourgeat (France).
    Stainless steel jam bowl:

    Stainless steel jam bowls are a more modern option and easier to maintain.
    They are corrosion resistant and do not chemically react with acidic ingredients, making them versatile for the preparation of different jams and jellies.
    Stainless steel also offers excellent thermal conductivity.
    Notable European manufacturers: De Buyer (France) and Kuhn Rikon (Switzerland).

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