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    Anti projection cover - Various kitchen and cooking items

    Splash covers, also known as splash guards, are kitchen accessories designed to prevent splashes and overflows when cooking over high heat. They are especially useful when cooking sauces, soups, fried foods and other preparations that can project hot liquids.

    Stainless steel splash cover:

    Stainless steel splash caps are robust and corrosion resistant.
    They usually have holes or slits that allow steam to escape while preventing splashing.
    Some models are equipped with stainless steel handles for safe handling.
    Renowned European manufacturers: WMF (Germany), Rosle (Germany).
    Silicone splash cover:

    Silicone splash caps are flexible, heat resistant and easy to clean.
    They have

    Chevalier Diffusion - couvercle anti éclaboussures spash - Anti Projection Cover
    Chevalier Diffusion

    Appearance: Color: Grey Main material: Silicone platinum Dimensions: Diameter (in cm): 25.00 Length ...

    11.90 € approx.
    Chevalier Diffusion -  - Anti Projection Cover
    Chevalier Diffusion

    Avoids dirt and protects against burning splashes

    6.55 € approx.

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    Les Specialistes

    Chevalier Diffusion
    ... edges that fit most pots and pans.
    These lids are reusable and can also serve as cooking lids to retain heat and steam.
    Renowned European manufacturers: There are many European kitchen brands that offer silicone splash caps, including Lékué (Spain) and Joseph Joseph (UK).
    Tempered glass splash cover:

    The tempered glass splash caps are transparent, allowing you to monitor cooking without having to lift the lid.
    They usually feature a silicone or stainless steel steam circle to release steam while preventing splashing.
    They are equipped with stainless steel, bakelite or plastic handles for safe handling.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Pyrex (France), Schott Zwiesel (Germany).

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