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    Chocolate fondue set - Various kitchen and cooking items

    A chocolate fondue set is a set of utensils specially designed to prepare and enjoy chocolate fondues, a delicious gourmet experience that consists of soaking various foods, such as fruits, cookies, or marshmallows, in melted chocolate. These fondue sets are popular at gatherings and parties, and they are usually designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. 

    Chocolate fondue sets styles:

    Ceramic or porcelain fondue pot: Most chocolate fondue sets include a small ceramic or porcelain fondue pot to melt the chocolate. The pot is often equipped with a handle or small handles to hold it safely. Some models have

    BEKA Cookware - service à fondue chocolat dolce - Chocolate Fondue Set

    Dolce chocolate fondue service in white ceramic, with 4 fondue forks and a candle.

    Price upon request
    Domo -  - Chocolate Fondue Set

    Chocolate workshop at homeSo can be used for chocolate fondue and ceramic chocolatebol figurines, ...

    ... a decorative pattern to add a touch of aesthetics to your table.

    Candle or plate warmer: The stove is the element that keeps the melted chocolate at an ideal temperature while you enjoy your fondue. It can be powered by a tealight candle or a small electric heat source. Candle stoves are more common for chocolate fondue sets because they are simple and safe.

    Fondue forks: Chocolate fondue sets usually come with special fondue forks with tips to prick the food you will dip into the melted chocolate.

    Plates or dishes for side dishes: Some sets also include plates or dishes to present foods you will dip in chocolate, such as pieces of fruit, cookies or marshmallows.

    European manufacturers of chocolate fondue sets:

    Emile Henry 



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