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    Oven thermometer - Various kitchen and cooking items

    An oven thermometer is a measuring instrument used to monitor the internal temperature of an oven during cooking. It allows you to check that the temperature inside the oven matches the one set on the dial, which is essential for accurate and successful cooking results. Here is a description of the different styles of oven thermometers and some renowned European manufacturers:

    Oven thermometer styles:

    Analog dial oven thermometer: This type of oven thermometer is equipped with a dial with a needle that indicates the current oven temperature. It usually has a stainless steel probe that you place inside the oven.

    Tellier Gobel -  - Oven Thermometer
    Tellier Gobel

    The cable resists at 300oC and allows the oven door to be closed for temperature monitoring at the ...

    Price upon request
    WHITE LABEL - thermométre à viandes en acier inoxydable - Oven Thermometer
    Price upon request
    Städter -  - Oven Thermometer

    This STADTER thermometer is ideal for accurately controlling the temperature of the oven. ...

    Price upon request
    ... You can read the temperature by checking the dial through the oven door.

    Digital oven thermometer: Digital oven thermometers display the temperature on an LCD screen. They usually have a metal probe that you insert into the oven, and they display the temperature in real time. Some models are equipped with advanced features such as programmable alarms to warn you when the temperature reaches a specific level.

    Clip-on oven thermometer: This style of oven thermometer attaches to the oven rack using a clamp or clip. It allows you to monitor the temperature without the need to open the oven door, which keeps the temperature constant inside.

    European manufacturers of oven thermometers:

    Taylor Precision Products 


    Eva Solo

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