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    Gas reducer - Various kitchen and cooking items

    A gas reducer, also known as a gas regulator, is a device used to reduce the pressure of gas from a gas cylinder or watermain to a lower and safer pressure for domestic or industrial use. Gas reducers are essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of gas-powered appliances, such as stoves, water heaters, heaters and industrial equipment.

    Gas Reducer Styles:

    Gas reducer for domestic use: These reducers are designed for common use in fireplaces. They are usually small in size and attach directly to the gas cylinder. Domestic gearboxes often have built-in safety mechanisms to shut off gas

    ... in the event of malfunction.

    Industrial gas reducer: Industrial gas reducers are larger and more robust than their domestic counterparts. They are designed to handle larger gas flows and are used in a variety of industries including chemicals, petrochemicals, metallurgy and power generation.

    Constant Pressure Regulating Gas Reducer: These reducers maintain a constant output pressure, regardless of input pressure fluctuations. They are commonly used in applications where stable pressure is required, such as chemical manufacturing.

    Gas reducer with variable pressure regulation: These reducers allow to regulate the output pressure according to the needs of the application. They are used in situations where the pressure must be adjusted according to the task, for example in gas welding or in the food industry.

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