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    Baking sheet - Various kitchen and cooking items

    Baking mats, also known as silicone baking mats, are silicone kitchen accessories designed to make cooking and food preparation easier. They are particularly popular in Europe and are widely used for baking, pastry work and meal preparation. Here is a description of the different styles of baking mats and some renowned European manufacturers:

    Cooking mat styles:

    Standard Silicone Baking Mats: These baking mats are flat, usually rectangular, and are made of food grade silicone. They are designed to be placed on standard baking sheets, making them ideal for baking. They are non-stick, which facilitates the removal of cooked food without

    Lekue -  - Baking Sheet

    Quickly manage your cooking with the silicone mat! Material: Platinum silicone and fiberglass - ...

    ... adhering to the carpet.

    Rim Baking Mats: Some baking mats have raised edges that prevent liquids from escaping and make them suitable for baking cookies, cupcakes and other pastries. These edges help prevent spills and maintain a clean cooking surface.

    Cooking mat in the form of cooking cloth: These cooking mats mimic the appearance of a traditional cooking cloth, with silicone fiber patterns that provide better air circulation under food. They are perfect for baking breads and chopsticks, as they promote a crispy crust.

    European manufacturers of silicone baking mats:



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